The School of Materials Science and Engineering supports a variety of student organizations, enabling students to enhance their academic experience and create community with other members of the MSE department. Information about each student organization is given below.

The Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory

The Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory (The MILL) is an open access undergraduate student-run make-and-measure space sponsored by the School of Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Tech. We are based in the Love Manufacturing Building (Rm 176).

The MILL provides a relaxed and safe discovery space to gain hands-on experience in techniques common to the materials science and engineering discipline, including the processing of materials, the characterization of their chemistry and structure, and the measurement of their properties. All Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff have open access to learn about any of our equipment during our open hours under the supervision of one of our MILL Staff Engineers (MSE), managed through our Equipment Teams

To get involved with the MILL: 

MILL Executive Board 

Jamie Petrie – Chief Executive Officer, Ralph Kindler – Chief Operations Officer, Annie Mullins – Chief Technical Officer – Processing, Prerana Panchumarti – Chief Technical Officer – Measurement.

We hold an interview process for new officers. We are currently looking for a new Chief Financial Officer, and there may be more positions open in the near future!

Complete the application: MILL Chief Financial Officer Application.pptx

MSE Undergraduate Student Advisory Council

Mission: The MSE Undergraduate Student Advisory Council (USAC) is a student group that represents the MSE undergraduate student body while promoting intra-department involvement.

  • Meet periodically with MSE faculty/administration (give feedback to improve our program/school, and help achieve ABET Student Outcomes and Program Educational Objectives)
  • Advocate on behalf of MSE to prospective students (undergraduate recruitment) as well as within the school to its student body
  • Liaise between the current MSE student body and the MSE faculty/administration
  • Represent the MSE student body to our school’s External Advisory Board
  • Serve the student body by offering peers with advice, finding undergraduate research, networking, etc.

Applications for the 2020-2021 USAC Board have closed, but feedback from the student body is always appreciated and can be given below.

MSE Online Suggestion Form

Connect with us on Facebook! 

USAC Executive Board

2022-23 Exec Board

- President: Josie Deronja (4th year)
- Director of Curriculum: Anush Singhal (3rd year)
- Director of Communications: Helen Liu (3rd year)
- Director of Outreach: Carter Haidusek (4th year)

2023-24 Exec Board

- President: Helen Liu (rising 4th year)
- Vice President: Avril Adams (Civil Eng major, MSE minor, rising 2nd year)
- Director of Curriculum: Anush Singhal (rising 4th year)
- Director of Communications: Elise Kim (rising 2nd year)
- Director of Outreach: Carter Haidusek (rising 5th year)

Material Advantage at GT

Mission: Material Advantage at Georgia Tech (MAGT) is a student-run professional organization dedicated to connecting students with the industry and the MSE community. 

  • All members of MAGT are able to participate in industry-related events and social events, including information and recruiting sessions, faculty seminars, soft-skill workshops, and MAGT-sponsored Career Fairs.
  • MAGT offers a community of students united by their common interest in materials science and is committed to facilitating their professional development. 

Want to get involved?

MAGT 2019-2020 Executive Board:

President: Lizzie Hoole (, Vice-President: Lily Turaski, Treasurer: Lilly Schroer, Communications Chair: Amanda Lang, Academics Chair: Rishul Ravi, Career Development Chairs: Miriam Koga & Michael O’Neill, Industry Networking Chairs: Ralph Kindler & Alex Marin.

Women in MSE

The Women in Materials Science and Engineering (WiMSE) group helps both undergraduate and graduate women succeed in MSE. WiMSE is a professional and social development organization dedicated to supporting female students in MSE at GT thrive by:

  • Creating a professional development platform for women
  • Fostering a supportive network among female students
  • Serving as a bridge between female students and the MSE department as well as industry and alumni

Every year, WiMSE organizes up to twenty events tailored to help women identify keys to their success, find mentors, and support each other. These events include company visits, seminars by faculty and industry professionals, various socials, and collaborations with other MSE student groups.

The best way to get involved with WiMSE is to send us an email at:

Executive Board: The 2020-2021 Executive Board will be announced Fall 2020.

The best way to get involved with WiMSE is to send us an email at:


Faculty Advisor: 

Polymers Undergraduate Network of Students (PUNS)

What is PUNS?

PUNS is a new, interdisciplinary club focused on exploring the field of polymers, whether that be for research, industry, or fun! 

How to Get Involved:

Join our mailing list and GroupMe here:

Follow us on Instagram @gtpuns

Current Presidents:

Nadia Zaragoza

Get Involved in Leadership:

Please reach out to either of the current co-presidents to get involved in leadership! Here are our executive board positions for next year:

President (Nadia Zaragoza)

Responsibilities: Serve as liaison between faculty advisors and Student Polymer Network, send emails, set meeting agendas, assist with coordinating events

Vice President (open)

Responsibilities: Primary event coordinator, responsible for communicating with partnering organizations

Marketing and Recruiting Chair (open)

Responsibilities: In charge of PUNS social media, coordinating social events, and reaching out to appropriate people to recruit members from multiple disciplines

MSE Ambassadors 

Mission: Showcase Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech by meeting with prospective and admitted students, assisting with MSE events, and sharing their experiences. 

MSE Ambassadors.pdf

Getting involved:


Jodie Parham, Director of Outreach Initiatives, at

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)


The Society of Plastics Engineers provides undergraduate and graduate students at GT with an opportunity to participate in a professional society which provides and promotes scientific and engineering knowledge related to polymers. Participation in the Society provides students with an opportunity to learn more about the polymer industry through guest speakers and plant tours, networking opportunities for internships or full-time opportunities, and to meet students with similar interests. 

Executive Board: 

How to Get Involved: 

Reach out to Arian Patel at, and take a look at national chapter for upcoming opportunities:

Professional Societies and Organizations 

MRS (Materials Research Society)