Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is an enabling discipline that focuses on developing processes needed to design and create materials with atomic and molecular scale structures that provide the properties necessary for meeting performance requirements for functions and applications for meeting next generation societal challenges. 

Graduates with an MSE degree guide the selection of materials for application-specific performance requirements. They design and create materials with required properties, e.g., metals lighter and stronger, ceramics tougher, polymers degradable, and composites more affordable. They develop processes employing environmentally friendly, low-cost, sustainable, manufacturing approaches, with strategic use of rare materials and natural resources. They use process-structure-property-performance relationships for discovering and deploying materials into new applications. 

An MSE degree keeps your options open. You can work in the aerospace, biomedical, electronic, energy, environment, health and human welfare, infrastructure, security, and transportation industries and sectors.

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Why Choose MSE?
  • MSE at GT is amongst largest, most diverse, and top ranked materials program in the U.S.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities in first year
  • Materials Science Engineers innovate and collaborate with other engineers to solve the world’s most complex challenges to improve the human condition
  • Instruction is by experts in both traditional and advanced fields
  • Individualized academic advisement and mentoring for all students for enhancing your degree
  • Opportunities for Co-op, Research, Study-abroad, Business Options
  • Leadership opportunities: Student Run Maker Space (the MILL), Student Advisory Council; Professional Materials Engineering Societies
  • The Georgia Tech campus occupies 400+ acres in the heart of the city of Atlanta (midtown), where about 25,000 students receive a focused, technology based education
MSE Research Scholars Program

MSE Research Scholarships are open to first-year students who are majoring in Georgia Tech’s Materials Science and Engineering. Accepted recipients will receive a scholarship for a full summer position in a faculty research group following successful completion of their first two academic semesters on campus. The application process includes submission of an application and resume.

Key components of the Research Scholars Program include: 
  • Research training in spring semester of first-year (coursework credit)
  • Summer research position (40 hours/week for 10 weeks) supervised by faculty
  • Scholarship ($7000) awarded during the summer research experience.
  • Research in fall semester of second-year (coursework credit)
  • Research Poster Presentation fall of second-year
For questions about the process, please contact Tristen Jones , Educational Outreach Manager, via email at  
The Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory (The MILL) was opened in 2016 as the first-ever undergraduate-run make-and-measure space primarily dedicated to Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). We strive to serve as a hub for experiential education in MSE by providing hands-on scientific training with common equipment used in the discipline, nurturing the student staff to become engineering leaders, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration across campus. We currently house over 30 pieces of equipment commonly found in both the materials industry and research labs — ALL of which is freely accessible to ALL GT students, faculty, and staff.
Enhancing your degree
The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) has an extensive degree-based scholarship program. Multiple funding options are available for undergraduate students who are pursuing a MSE degree. The MSE multi-year scholarship funding is available for first-year students for up to eight semesters. General scholarship funding is available for current and transfer students through the general award process. The MSE general scholarship is available for up to two semesters.
MSE offers an undergraduate minor in Materials Science and Engineering for non-MSE majors.
Certificates in several key areas, including biomaterials, nanomaterials, and composites.
Industry Mentoring Program
The Industry Mentoring program allows students as early as their first year to engage with Materials Scientists and Engineers currently working in Industry. MSE works diligently to ensure students get an early start on building their professional network. This professional relationship creates a bridge that excites students about their future career.