The Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.) program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and the Program Criteria for Materials, Metallurgical, Ceramics, and Similarly Named Engineering Programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering degree program is to produce graduates well-rounded in the fundamentals of materials science and engineering who are prepared to meet the related needs of industry and government and prepared for advanced academic study in materials-related disciplines.  This will be accomplished by providing students with up-to-date knowledge and skills through course work, modern laboratories, opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research with distinguished faculty mentors, and opportunities to participate in leadership and service activities.

Program Educational Objectives

The following Program Educational Objectives were established to assist in attaining the visions and missions of the Georgia Institute of Technology and its College of Engineering, and to be consistent with ABET Criteria for Accrediting Engineering Programs. The Program Educational Objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering program are listed below.

  • Our graduates will rapidly rise to leadership roles in materials-related positions in industry, academia, government, and other career pursuits.
  • Our graduates will be global leaders, collaborating with diverse, multi-disciplinary teams while incorporating emerging materials developments and engineering technologies that are positively changing society and the human condition.
  • Our graduates will continue to grow their cumulative knowledge base by engaging in life-long learning via career-appropriate options, including post-graduate education and professional designations.
  • Our graduates will be entrepreneurs, continually discovering, designing and creating new materials of all types, building on the process-structure-properties-performance paradigm to exert positive economic and social impacts across the field and society.

Student Outcomes

The Student Outcomes for the Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering program are listed below:

  1. an ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics
  2. an ability to apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors
  3. an ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences
  4. an ability to recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and make informed judgments, which must consider the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts
  5. an ability to function effectively on a team whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives
  6. an ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions
  7. an ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies.

Relationships between courses and these outcomes can be found at:  /undergraduate-program/syllabi

Enrollment Data

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Graduation Data

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Georgia Tech Honor Code Agreement

The members of the Georgia Tech community believe the fundamental objective of the Institute is to provide Students with a high quality education while developing a sense of ethics and social responsibility. We believe that trust is an integral part of the learning process and that self-discipline is necessary in this pursuit.  We also believe that any instance of dishonesty hurts the entire community. It is with this in mind that we have set forth a Student Academic Honor Code at Georgia Tech.  For details please visit