The School of Materials Science and Engineering is committed to engaging with Industry through a variety of mechanisms that create win-win situations for companies and for Georgia Tech. As a School, we are leading the way in educating our students with experiences that go beyond the classroom, and are both experiential and innovative. Along this path, we are looking forward to creating mutually beneficial partnerships with industry. Together, we can advance the future of knowledge and at the same time generate a new cadre of engineers and scientists who will be tomorrow’s leaders ready to compete in a globally engaging environment.

Industry relations with MSE involves corporate engagement through opportunities for brand recognition, access to students, sponsoring capstone design or other projects, and nurturing and cultivating students for possible co-op, internships, and employment, and well as collaborative philanthropic and sponsored research aimed at creating new and innovative technological solutions accelerating the pace from discovery to deployment of materials.

Corporate Engagement with Industry

Corporate Philanthropic and Sponsored Research