TItle: “Sugar Plastics: From the complexities of fundamental synthetic chemistry to their commercial development as next-generation sustainable materials”.
Location: College of Computing 16

Thesis Proposal – Joseph Kern (MSE Grad Presentation)

TItle: Design of (De)Polymerizable Polymers Using Machine Learning-Based Predictive Models and Generative Algorithms
Location: Love 210 and via Microsoft Teams

Jim Yurko, Apple Inc. (MSE Seminar)

TItle: Alloy design at Apple
Location: College of Computing RM 016
TItle: Light-matter coupling in organic and hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductors
Location: MoSE 1201A and via Microsoft Teams
TItle: Dynamic Bio-Interfacing Functional Materials
Location: GTMI Auditorium
TItle: Phonon channel engineering through crystal chemistry and defects
Location: GTMI Auditorium
TItle: ​​​​​​​Investigation of Process Structure Property Relationships in Additively Manufactured IN718 Through Machine Learning
Location: ​​​​​​​In-person 4211 MRDC or Via Teams Meeting
TItle: ​​​​​​​Stability Studies of ALD Films and Infiltrated Hybrid Materials
Location: In-person in 4115 MRDC and via Zoom Videoconferencing
TItle: Tailoring semiconductor polytype selection during molecular-beam epitaxy
Location: RBI, room109
TItle: Design and Demonstration of Mechanical and Electrical reliability of 1µm Redistribution Layers
Location: Via Teams Video Conferencing 
TItle: Leveraging Simplicity for Improved Sustainability of Conjugated Materials
Location: RBI, room109
TItle: Investigation into Strategies for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activities of Spinel-Based Transition Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Location: via Zoom Video Conferencing Meeting ID: 758 150 8139 Passcode: QWx40W

Dr. David Brown, UCLA (MSE Seminar)

TItle: Frontiers in thermal engineering: Low dimensions and extreme conditions
Location: RBI, room109
Location: In-person in MRDC 3403 and Via Teams

Thesis Defense – Rachel Lawless (MSE Grad Presentation)

TItle: Enhanced Solution Growth of Perovskite Single Crystals Through the Use of Solvent Additives and Dopants
Location: via Zoom