Undergraduate Academic and Research Scholarships

  • Named Academic Scholarship Fund 
  • Named Research Scholarship Fund

The undergraduate program in MSE at Georgia Tech is providing highly-skilled materials scientists and engineers to work in every sector of technology. Undergraduate Academic Scholarships recognize the exceptional quality of the students coming to Georgia Tech. Merit or need-based scholarships allow students to focus on their education and develop the breadth of experiences that come with that education. They reduce a student’s risk of dropping out due to financial concerns, and lead to better grades, retention of knowledge, and overall well-being.

Undergraduate Research Scholarships allow our students to be immersed in hands-on research, under the guidance of a faculty member. Students gain the working knowledge of research methodology, lab safety, and familiarity with processing, characterization, and testing equipment, in addition to increased analytical and computational skills, and the confidence that they can tackle the challenges during their subsequent internships and/or employment. Two-thirds of our graduates typically pursue industry careers upon graduation, while the rest pursue advanced graduate studies. The undergraduate research experience is often a game-changer for our graduates as they go out into the workforce.

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Graduate Student Topping Grants and Fellowships

  • Named Graduate Fellowship Fund 
  • Named Graduate Topping Grant Fund

The diverse research areas pursued by MSE faculty makes it very appealing for students from different engineering and science disciplines to join our graduate program. They bring varying science and engineering backgrounds, expertise, and skillsets necessary for accomplishing scientific advances and technological impact. For recruiting the top students, we fiercely compete with other disciplines, as well as other materials programs, including private universities.

Graduate fellowships and topping grants help us recruit exceptional students and recognize their accomplishments. About 60% of our Ph.D. graduates go to work for companies, 20% pursue research careers in federal laboratories, and the rest go into academic careers. We are proud of what our students are accomplishing not only during their time in graduate school, but also subsequently in their work and communities in which they live.

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