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The Mill

The MSE “make and measure” space, the MILL, allows us to set a new standard for materials education. Students from all across Georgia Tech come to the MILL to synthesize different formulations, characterize microstructure, and measure properties of materials. They can make filaments using different blends or the 3D multi-material printers to process new polymer compounds, solid-filled polymer composites, and even complex alloys. They use high temperature furnaces to process glass and ceramics, characterize the structure using infrared and UV/vis spectroscopy, optical and scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and measure mechanical, electrical, and optical properties.

The MILL provides an open-access peer-to-peer learning and user-friendly environment to promote hands-on creativity, discovery, and design. It serves as a space for students to work on projects for lab-based and capstone-design courses, as well as to just come together to explore and be creative. MILL Fellows are essential to keep the MILL operational as they work during the summer months to build projects, update and upgrade equipment, compile SOPs and training manuals, and perform outreach activities.

To make a gift in support of the Materials Innovation & Learning Laboratory (The MILL), click here. Once on the website, under Special Purpose, please specify “In support of the Mill Fellows or Mill Operations in the School of Materials Science and Engineering.”