Why Give Now

Being among the largest, most diverse, and top-ranked programs in the country, provides us the momentum to excel and accomplish our vision. It also gives us the responsibility to be a model program and help define MSE as a discipline. Materials are often the limiting factor for advances in technology. Hence, we have the opportunity to address societal challenges through solutions provided by innovations in materials science and engineering.


Your gift will help students - Merit- and need-based undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships will ensure that no qualified students misses out on a Georgia Tech education. With support to recruit and retain our faculty, MSE will attract the best educators, researchers, and scholars.

Your gift will help society – Materials scientists and engineers contribute to every sector of technology, through careers in industry, consulting companies, federal laboratories, and academic institutions. They are involved in creating new materials and taking those through the path from discovery to deployment, designing innovative devices and processes, and solving societal challenges and contributing to economic development in their community, state and nation.