School of Materials Science and Engineering

In partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) Scheller College of Business, the School of Materials Science & Engineering is pleased to offer to its majors the MSE Business Option Program (BOP).  The set of four required management (MGT) courses to complete the BOP are:

Finance and Investments     MGT 3078    3 hours
Accounting for Decision Making    MGT 3000    3 hours
Principles of Management MGT 3150    3 hours
International Business  MGT 3660   3 hours
Total Required for Completion        12 hours

A maximum of five credit hours of the BOP courses can also be applied as “Free Electives” toward completion of the MSE degree.  Participating MSE majors are only required to be enrolled and in “good standing” with the GIT Registrar.  See scholarship opportunities below.

In addition to the above MGT courses, students are encouraged, but not required, to take one or more of the courses listed below to enhance the value of the base MSE BOP (the courses can also be used to help fulfill the MSE degree’s Social Science Elective requirements): 

Industrial Organization ECON 4340   3 hours
International Economics   ECON 4350   3 hours
Industrial/Organization Psychology PSYC 2220   3 hour



The Business Option Program (BOP) Scholarship is available only to BS Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) student majors who agree to complete the specified 12 hours of GIT/COM management (MGT) courses:  3000, 3078, 3150 and 3660.  Eligible students electing to take up to two of the specified MGT courses at the Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GT-L) Campus, France, will receive a pre-paid $500 MSE scholarship for each course (maximum of $1000 total scholarship funding).  For any completed GT-L course in which less than a “C” grade is obtained, the student recipient will be required by signed agreement to reimburse the School the $500 received for that particular course. This scholarship is offered to help defray expenses of spending a semester at GT-L, and in support of the Georgia Tech strategy of encouraging students to gain international study and cultural experiences.


Scholarship applicants must either be a US citizen or a permanent resident currently enrolled in good standing with the Georgia Tech Registrar, be GPA eligible to participate in the GT-L Program and be an undergraduate student enrolled in the BS MSE degree program.  Applications and required supporting materials are reviewed by the MSE Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs to determine eligibility.  Recipients are notified of their award in writing as soon as the application has been approved.

APPLICATIONDownload the BOP application and other information.

Students must submit their program entry/scholarship application along with supporting data to:

Dr. Renita Washington
Academic Advising Manager
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332
Telephone: (404) 894-2852
Toll Free: 1-(800) 533-7815