RBI Seed Funding Lunch & Learn (MSE Regular Event)

Title: No Title
Location: Georgia Tech Exhibition Hall

Dr, Evan Jahrman, NIST (MSE Seminar)

TItle: Capabilities for Adsorbent Materials and Catalysts at NIST-operated X-ray Beamlines.
Location: RBI, room109

Dr. Jena McCollum, UCCS (MSE Seminar)

TItle: Unraveling Molecular Weight Challenges in Fluorinated Thermoplastics through Rheology, Numerical Methods, and Data Science Techniques.
Location: RBI, room109

Dissertation Defense - Kim Anh Pham (MSE Grad Presentation)

TItle: The Effect of Slot Die Coated CNC on Glass Fiber Fabric Reinforced Composites
Location: GTMI Room 431 and/or Virtually
TItle: Preparing For Graduate School Applications : Engineering Edition!
TItle: "Non-Equilibrium Assembly for Additive Manufacturing of Functional Polymers"
Location: College of Computing 016
TItle: Exploring the Nexus of S1P Chaperone Protein Interactions, Trained Immunity, and Musculoskeletal Regenerative Potential
Location: RBI, room109
TItle: Women in Engineering Leadership
Location: MRDC 4211 and Virtually

The Space Race Documentary (MSE Regular Event)

TItle: The Space Race Documentary
Location: Ferst Center for the Arts

Dissertation Defense - Rupesh Rajendran (MSE Grad Presentation)

TItle: Corrosion Mechanisms and Mechanical Behavior of Additively Manufactured 7050-Based High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Location: MRDC Room 4211 or Virtual via Teams

Dissertation Defense - Moses Nnaji (MSE Grad Presentation)

TItle: Investigations into Low-Temperature Substrate-Compliant Synthesis of MAX-phase Thin-Films
Location: Marcus Room 1133 and/or Virtually via Microsoft Teams
TItle: Understanding Extreme Environments with Nanometer Scale Resolution
Location: RBI, room109
TItle: Engineering and Nanoscale Characterization of Two-Dimensional Complex Interfaces in Heterostructure Assemblies
Location: MoSE Room 1226 or Virtually via Zoom
TItle: Preparing For Graduate School Applications : Engineering Edition!
TItle: Cultivating Well-Being
Location: via Zoom