Textiles constitute amongst the oldest form of material which has been researched at Georgia Tech dating back to the days of the cotton-based manufacturing technology more than a hundred years ago, which resulted in graduates who went on to run successful textile businesses in the state. The advent of synthetic materials revolutionized the field of textiles, but negatively influenced the US textile industry. Today, research in advanced textiles is at par with any other form of advanced material. From textiles employing antimicrobial technologies for use in medical applications and sweat-resistant weave architecture for athletic apparel, to intelligently-designed wearable smart shirt, carpets, and sports turf, research in this area continues to be actively pursued by MSE faculty.   

The faculty listed below, have identified Textiles as one of their primary research areas based on material form.

Assoc. Professor Emeritus
Senior Academic Professional
Principal Research Scientist Emeritus
Principal Research Scientist
Director, MedShape, Inc.
Regents' Professor & Hightower Chair Emeritus