Metals have been an active area of research in MSE at Georgia Tech from the early days of the development of alloying theories, to casting and forming of advanced aluminum alloys for the aerospace industry, to the understanding of their mechanical behavior under monotonic/cyclic/dynamic loading for automotive and defense applications, and their use in corrosive (paper/petrochemical) and other extreme environments.

Today, metals and alloys continue to be studied by MSE faculty with the process/structure/property paradigm at the core of developing alloys with designer nano/micro/single/poly-crystalline or amorphous structures for properties needed in applications relevant to biomedical, chemical, energy, electronic, photonic, structural, and other applications. Research in this area is the basis of major efforts in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, which include IUCRC and MURI programs, as well as the extensive Mechanical Properties Research Laboratory which serves as a campus wide user facility.      

The faculty listed below, have identified Metals as one of their primary research areas based on material form.