Research in biomolecular-solids and biomaterials such as lipids, proteins, nucleic and fatty acids, DNA, hydrogels, folic acid, beta-carotene, etc., is aimed at controlling, creating, and manipulating their form and function for solutions to issues and problems related to the environment, agriculture, energy, industry, food production, biotechnology and medicine. From their use as medical implants and markers, to sensing and drug delivery applications, to studies of bio-inspired and bio-enabled synthesis and formation of new materials for a variety of applications, the field of biomaterials is a rich area of research being actively pursued by a number of our faculty. It is the basis of one of the start-up companies led by an MSE faculty, and also the central theme of the BIONIC Air Force Center of Excellence.

The faculty listed below, have identified Biomolecular-Solids and Biomaterials as one of their primary research areas based on material form.