BH 230

    Murali Rajagopalan (call him “Murali”) joined our MSE family as an Affiliate Faculty/Industry Research in Sept, 2022.  He has been very active to support our Industry-Mentor program, MSE-EAB activities, MSE – Open House, Senior Design Capstone projects and a graduate course in Polymer Communications to date. 

    Murali received his doctoral degree in polymer science from McGill University and his thesis work was related to functional materials involving ion-containing polymers as well as in high temperature fuel cell membranes under a supervision of late Professor Adi Eisenberg.  His research expertise is in the area of functional polymers, ionomers, soft materials, reactive alloys and blends, polymer composites and thermoplastic and thermoset elasotmers.

    Murali was a recipient of Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)’s prestigious 2010 Research and Engineering Technology Award. He was also elected as a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers in 2006.  He is a solo or a co-inventor of over 250 US Patents issued to date related to materials and design useful in various applications.

    Murali is a proven veteran from the polymer industry as evident from his professional accomplishments at BF Goodrich in PVC ionomers, TPU, PVC/CPVC and PVC composites useful in computer housing, telecommunications, medical devices and wire and cable applications for six years.  He later joined #1 in Golf Titleistâ Acushnet company as Director of Golf Ball R&D’s Materials Research group and Quality Assurance for 28 years. He was instrumental for a research and development and successful commercial launching of numerous golf balls during that time.

    He has been a board member for the SPE since 1990 in numerous leadership capacities including past EPSDIV Board Chair, Co-TPC chairand a board member. He was also actively involved in National Textile Committee and an Adjunct Professor at UMass Dartmouth’s Textiles/Materials Science department, and an Advisory Board Member at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Biological and Chemical Sciences. 

    He can be reached via email or in his cell #774-451-5507 as needed to utilize his expertise.  His office is located at the BH 230 Bunger-Henry Bldg.