Administrative Professional III
    Staff Area:
    Staff Responsibilities:
    • Supporting: Gokhale, Jacob, McDowell, Singh, Speyer, Srinivasarao, Wang, Yao, Lectures, and Staff
    • Admin Support to faculty and their research groups for travel, BuzzMart and Workday
    • Enter purchase orders through accounting system; Compile information and reports; Process check and foundation requests including support documentation; Coordinate monthly procurement statement reconciliation.
    • Assist PI's regarding interpretation and application of administrative policies and procedures; Coordinate and participate in visits, meetings, seminars and video conferences, and conference room scheduling.
    • Prepare outgoing packages for shipping/track package activity/control inventory of incoming shipments
    • Processing of reimbursements for MSE buildings
    • Schedule travel and agendas for MSE Seminar Speakers
    • Ordering and maintaining office supplies for all MSE buildings
    • Manage the golf cart
    • MSE Faculty Recruiting process; travel logistics, interview schedules
    • Conference room confirming for MRDC and LOVE buildings