MRS officers and poster contest winners with MSE Chair, Natalie Stingelin

There was strong competition at the 10th Annual MSE Poster Competition as 53 students, graduate and undergraduates, competed for cash prizes and bragging rights. The competition was organized by the Georgia Tech chapter of the Materials Research Society. 

Award categories were soft materials (biomaterials/polymers), structural and functional materials, first year, undergraduate, and best in show. Juanita Hidago won best in show for the poster “Synergy of Water and Oxygen Accelerate Undesired Phase Transformations in Lead Halide Perovskites: Strategies to Stabilize the Perovskite Phase.” 

Best in show                    Juanita Hidago

Soft Materials  

  1. Tanner Hickman
  2. Abdulaziz Aldubayan                        

Structural and Functional Materials

  1. Juanita Hidalgo
  2. Zheyu Luo

First Year

  1. Tanya Balandin
  2. Yiming Zhang


  1. Tianqi Sun
  2. Reanna Rafiq