Zhiqun Lin was chosen to receive the Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award. This award goes to the faculty member who most contributed to highly impactful publications describing the results of research conducted at Georgia Tech and published during the period January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2020. Lin’s research focuses on nanostructured functional materials (NanoFM). His group intends to create these nanostructures in a precisely controllable manner and to exploit the structure-property relationships in the development of multifunctional materials for potential use in energy conversion (e.g., solar cells, photocatalysis, and hydrogen generation) and storage (e.g., batteries), electronics, optics, optoelectronics, magnetic materials and devices, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

Matt McDowell was chosen to receive the Outstanding Achievement in Early Career Research Award. This award is given to a faculty member at the time of award who is within 8 years of their initial appointment who has made significant discoveries or advancements in his or her research, visibly impacting society or one or more scholarly communities. McDowell’s research group focuses on how materials for energy and electronic devices change and transform during operation, and how these transformations impact properties.

Natalie Stingelin was selected to receive the Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation Award. This award recognizes the faculty member as working at the forefront of discovery, application and deployment of technology, whose research results have had a demonstrable and sustained external economic, social, or policy impact. Stingelin’s current research interests encompass the broad field of organic functional materials, including organic electronics; multifunctional inorganic/organic hybrids; smart, advanced optical systems based on organic matter; and bioelectronics.