MSE Professor Naresh Thadhani recently had an incredible experience serving as a NASEM Jefferson Science Fellow assigned to the U.S. State Department Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. During his assignment, he had the opportunity to witness the intricate process of building an embassy and even traveled to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to inspect the challenges faced by a new embassy constructed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naresh Thadhani and Secretary Antony Blinken
Secretary Antony Blinken and MSE Professor Naresh Thadhani

After a fulfilling 12-month assignment, Thadhani had the privilege of meeting with Secretary Antony Blinken. During their meeting, they discussed various science and technology issues, as well as potential future partnerships with academic institutions. Thadhani expressed his fascination and humility in observing how the government operates.


"It is interesting and humbling to see how the government works, and in spite of the beaurocracy, how the hard working people get things done." -Professor Naresh Thadhani


Pictures from the meeting, which included his cohort of fellows.
Secretary Antony Blinken, MSE Professor Naresh Thadhani, and his cohort of fellows.