Brettmann, Muhlstein, Shofner

Blair Brettmann has been awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor. Brettmann’s research focuses on solid-state characterization and application of pharmaceutical formulations prepared by electrospinning. She has joint appointments in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

Chris Muhlstein has been promoted to full professor. Muhlstein’s research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of fracture and fatigue in bulk and thin film materials. He is a member of Alpha Sigma Mu and Keramos honor societies and an NSF CAREER award recipient.

Meisha Shofner has been promoted to full professor. Shofner's group investigates processing-structure-property relationships in polymers and composites, focusing on scalable processing approaches relevant to emerging materials such as mechanical metamaterials, natural polymers, and nanocomposites.