Assistant Professor Juan Pablo Correa-Baena and Associate Professor Mark Losego have received a DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) 2020 – Small Innovative Projects in Solar (SIPS) award. SIPS projects are targeted, high-risk, and well‐defined in order to produce significant results within the first year of performance and, if successful, lay the foundation for continued research and quickly validate novel concepts. Their project, “Development of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Selective Layers via Vapor Phase Infiltration to Enhance the Durability of Perovskite Solar Cells” will improve perovskite solar cell stability by embedding metal oxide clusters within these small molecule layers using vapor phase infiltration (VPI). These embedded metal oxide clusters restrict motion of the molecules and impede crystallization. This unique hybrid small molecule-metal oxide cluster layer will increase stability of these perovskite solar cells, a key step towards their commercialization.