The MSE annual poster competition was live in 2022 with 37 students competing in seven categories for cash prizes.

Award categories were bio and bio inspired materials, nanomaterials, structural materials, energy/electronic materials, polymers, first year, undergraduate, and best in show. Rupesh Rajendran won best in show for his poster “Microstructural Evolution of Additively Manufactured 7050 Aluminum Alloy and its Effect on Corrosion Behavior.” 

Best in show                    Rupesh Rajendran



  1. Tanner Hickman                    



  1. Mingyue Zhang



  1. Rupesh Rajendran


Energy & Electr.   

  1. Weilin Zhang 
  2. Stephanie Sandoval
  3. Matthew West



  1. Alexandra Marnot
  2. Amalie Atassi
  3. Josh Rinehart
  4. Yi Ren


First Year

  1. Noah Baughman
  2. Nathaniel Lies


    1. Antonio Fernandes Ferreira
    2. Thomas Marchese
    3. Josh Rinehart
    4. Yi Ren