Himani Sharma
MaRC/GTMI/Callaway - Room 343

Dr. Himani Sharma received her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry (2006) from University of Delhi, India. She worked as a Research Associate in Electrical Engineering department in Alabama A&M University on NSA-funded project, before joining Georgia Institute of Technology as postdoc in Packaging Research Center in 2008. She was later promoted to a Research Scientist-II position as she continued her materials research. In her role as a Technical Leader for 3D-IPAC (Integrated passive and active component program) in PRC, she developed and drove technologies in partnership with companies in consumer and medical electronics. Her research focused on developing materials for next-generation passive components and susbrates.

She has authored more than 60 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. She has co-authored 1 book, 3 book chapters and 1 pending patent. Dr. Sharma transitioned to teaching undergraduates in School of Material Science and Engineering (MSE) at GaTech in July 2019. She is currently responsible for junior and senior laboratory courses in MSE.

Selected publications: 


  1. Fundamentals of Microelectronic Systems Packaging (2018)

    • Chapter Title: “Micro and Nanopackaging materials”

    • Authors: Himani Sharma, P. M. Raj, C P Wong, R. Das; Editor: Tummala, R. R

    • Publishers: McGraw Hill Publications

  2. Materials for Advanced Packaging (2017)

    • Chapter Title: “Embedded Passives”

    • Authors: Himani Sharma, P. M. Raj, D. W. Lee, L. Li, S. X. Wang, P. Chakraborti, S. Jain, and R.


    • Publishers: Springer International Publishing, 2017, pp. 537-588

  3. Nanopackaging: From Nanomaterials to the Atomic Scale (2015)

    • Chapter Title: “Novel Nanostructured Passives for RF and Power Applications: Nanopackaging with

      Passive Components”

    • Authors: P.M. Raj, P. Chakaroborti, D. Mishra, Himani Sharma, SK Sitaraman, R .Tummala

    • Publishers: Springer International


    • Chapter Title: “Nanomagnetic Structures, Properties and Applications In integrated RF and Power Modules and Sub-systems

    • Authors: P. Markondeya Raj, Dibyajat Mishra, Erik Shipton, Himani Sharma and Rao Tummala

    • Publishers: One Central Press UK

    • Editors: Julina Gonzalez

  5. Nanoelectronic Device Applications Handbook (2014)

    • Chapter Title: “Package-Compatible High Density Nano-Scale Capacitors with Conformal Nano-


    • Authors: Himani Sharma, P. M. Raj, P. Chakarborti, R. Tummala

    • Publishers: CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group.)

    • Editors: James Morris & Krzysztof Iniewski

  6. Book Title: Synthesis, Properties and Surface Modifications of CdSe Quantum Dots (2010)

    • ISBN # 978-3-8433-6362-4

    • Authors: Himani Sharma, Shailesh N. Sharma and S.M. Shivaprasad



* Citations: 500+ (Google Scholar)

Journal publications: 40+ peer-reviewed journals
Conference paper: 20+ presentations and articles
* Publication list available at Himani Sharma’s profile in Google Scholar