Alena Alamgir
Lecturer and Director of Technical Communication
Love 255
Selected publications: 


Alamgir, Alena. 2017. “From the Field to the Factory Floor: Vietnamese Government’s Defense of
Migrant Workers’ Interests in State-Socialist Czechoslovakia,” Journal of Vietnamese Studies 12(1):10-41.

Alamgir, Alena. 2014. "Recalcitrant Women: Internationalism and the Redefinition of Welfare Limits in the Czechoslovak-Vietnamese Labor Exchange Program, 1967-1989," Slavic Review 73 (1):133–155.

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Alamgir, Alena. 2006. “The Learned Brāhmen, Who Assists Me”: Changing Colonial Relationships in the 18th and 19th Century India,” Journal of Historical Sociology 19 (4):419–446. BOOK CHAPTERS IN EDITED VOLUMES

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Alamgir, Alena. 2017. “The Moped Diaries: Remittances in the Czechoslovak-Vietnamese Labor Migration Scheme” in Work out of Place edited by Mahua Sarkar (De Gruyter Oldenbourg).

Alena Alamgir & Christina Schwenkel. 2018. “From Altruistic Assistance to National Self-Interest: Vietnamese Labor Migration Into CMEA Countries” in Alternative Encounters edited by Mark James, Steffi Marung and Artemy Kalinovsky (Indiana University Press), forthcoming.

Alamgir, Alena. (forthcoming) “‘Inappropriate Behavior’: Labor Control and the Polish, Cuban and Vietnamese Workers in Czechoslovakia” in State Socialist Europe after 1945: Contributions to Global Labor History edited by Marsha Seifert and Susan Zimmermann (Central European University Press).


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Book chapter on educational and labor mobility in Eastern Europe before 1989 for the first volume to be published by the Socialism Goes Global project team.

Book chapter on the pub, the hostel, and prison as the spaces of encounter and conflict in the Czechoslovak labor migration program for the second volume to be published by the Socialism Goes Global project team.


“Smažený sýr a pho” (“Fried Cheese and Pho”), Viet magazín. Available at magazin/reportaz-vn/2596-smaeny-syr-a-pho


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