Undergraduate Scholarships

Materials Science and Engineering Scholarship Programs

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) has one of the largest degree-based scholarship programs at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT). Multiple funding options are available for undergraduate students who are pursuing a MSE degree.

MSE seeks scholars who have demonstrated exceptional academic excellence, career commitment, motivation, leadership potential and extracurricular activities. Applicants must be either a U. S. citizen or permanent resident, and must pursue a B. S. degree in MSE. All awards will be made on a competitive basis. Funding is contingent on the student maintaining the necessary grade point average (GPA) and upon continued funding from the sponsoring entity. Students must be making steady progress toward their degree requirements to renew scholarships at the subsequent class levels. 

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MSE Scholars Program

MSE Scholars awards are $1500/semester.  This funding is only open to entering freshmen who have been accepted into Georgia Tech’s School of Materials Science and Engineering. Deadline for scholarship application submission is February 15. All students who submit applications by the deadline and are invited for a campus interview in late February will be guaranteed a MSE scholarship, either at the Scholars or General funding level (see below for the latter). MSE Scholars awards are renewable for a maximum of eight semesters, contingent on the recipient making steady progress toward MSE degree requirements and the maintenance of the following grade point averages:

  • Freshmen (0 - 29 hours) – 2.7
  • Sophomores (30 - 59 hours) – 2.8
  • Juniors (60 – 99 hours) – 2.8
  • Seniors (100 hours and above) – 2.8

MSE General Scholarship Program

MSE General Scholarships range from $1000/semester for freshmen and sophomores, $1200/semester for juniors and $1500/semester for seniors.  You must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident to be eligible. 

All MSE General Scholarship student applicants pursuing the B.S. MSE degree must have successfully completed the freshmen introduc­tory course, MSE 1111 (or any comparable GT College of Engineering course) and MSE 2001, be enrolled as a MSE major for two full semesters before application, and achieve the minimum cumulative GPA based on credit hours successfully completed (GPA minimum by class standing is detailed below).  Applicants will be notified of their scholarship status at the end of the application semester.  The number of semesters that the General Scholarship will be in force after granting will be based on the applicant’s class standing at initiation and stated in the offer letter. Scholarships are renewable each subsequent semester up to a maximum of eight, contingent on the recipient making steady progress toward MSE degree requirements and the maintenance of the following cumulative grade point averages:

  • Freshmen (0 - 29 hours) – 2.6
  • Sophomores (30 - 59 hours) – 2.7
  • Juniors (60 – 99 hours) – 2.8
  • Seniors (100 hours and above) – 2.8

For current MSE/Transfer students applying:

Only MSE majors who have completed less than 100 credit hours towards completion of the catalog degree requirements are eligible to apply for the MSE General Scholarship.  If you have transferred to Georgia Tech from another college or university, you must be enrolled in the MSE major for two full semesters before you can apply for a MSE General Scholarship.

MSE Research Scholarship Program

MSE Research Scholarships are only open to entering freshmen who have been accepted into Georgia Tech’s Materials Science and Engineering program and who have received a Scholars or General award from the School.  Students must apply by October 15 of fall semester of their freshmen year.  Accepted recipients will be afforded a paid summer position in a faculty research group following successful completion of their first two academic semesters on campus. The application process will include an essay from the student stating his/her interests in participating in project research, the research area(s) desired, and the goals and projected outcomes perceived from such an experience.  The final step in the selection process will be an interview session with a designated MSE Faculty Committee.   The Committee will notify the students who have been accepted into the Research Scholarship Program by November 15.  After consultation with the accepted students and participating MSE faculty, the Committee will assign faculty advisors, groups and projects by December 15.

The academic performance of accepted freshmen will be reviewed at the end of each semester prior to the designated summer research semester, and to remain eligible, the following actions and goals must be met:

  1. Upon completion of the fall semester, the student must have achieved a minimum 2.7 GPA, completed a minimum of 12 hours of study toward the MSE degree and completed the MSE 1111 course.
  2.  The accepted student must preregister for and complete two (2) academic credit hours of Undergraduate Research (MSE 2699) on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis on their assigned project during spring semester, and submit a research plan with a detailed timeline.
  3. Upon completion of the spring semester, the student must be in good standing, completed a minimum of 24 hours of study toward the MSE degree and completed the MSE 2001 course. (NOTE:  MSE 2001 will thus be taken in the Spring/Year 1 semester rather than in its catalog curriculum location of Fall/Year 2 semester.)
  4. During spring semester, the student must preregister for fall semester for an additional two (2) credit hours of Undergraduate Research (MSE 2699) on a letter grade (LG) basis, during which he/she will complete the project, write/submit a report and participate in a Research Scholars’ Presentation Event.
  5. During the summer research semester, the successful student will be hired in a full time (40 hours/week) research project position at a salary level of $10/hour for a period of 10 weeks. The total MSE Research Scholarship award is thus $4,000 + $2,000 for on-campus apartment style housing. The student recipient will not be allowed to register for or take a lecture course during the summer research semester.

PLEASE NOTE:  All MSE Scholarship guidelines, eligibility and award amounts are subject to change.  Prospective and current students are advised to check the GIT MSE website or to contact the Enrollment Office at 404-894-2430 for the most up-to-date information.  Scholarship students will be notified of any changes in their initial award contracts.

For additional information on the MSE Undergraduate Program contact:
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs
Enrollment Manager, Undergraduate Program
FAX: 404-894-9140
Additionally, you can complete the MSE Undergraduate program online information request form.