Baratunde Cola
Associate Professor
Love, Room 316

Dr. Cola is co-founder and co-director of the Heat Lab ( at Georgia Tech. He is an associate professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering and theSchool of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his degrees from Vanderbilt University and Purdue University, all in mechanical engineering, and was a starting fullback on the Vanderbilt football team as an undergrad. Dr. Cola has received a number of prestigious early career research awards including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientist and Engineers (PECASE) in 2012 from President Obama for his work in nanotechnology, energy, and outreach to high school art and science teachers and students; the AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science in 2013; and recently the 2015 Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. In addition to research and teaching, Dr. Cola is the founder of Carbice Nanotechnologies, which sells a leading solution for heat removal in electronic devices. Dr. Cola’s research is currently focused on characterization and design of thermal transport and energy conversion in nanostructures and devices.  He is also interested in the scalable fabrication of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid nanostructures for novel use in technologies such as thermal interface materials, thermoelectrics and thermo-electrochemical cells, infrared and optical rectenna, nanotube-metal composites, and materials that can be tuned to regulate the flow of heat. 

Selected publications: 

B.A. Cola and T.S. Fisher. Electrothermal Interface Material Enhancer. U.S. Patent 8,220,530, issued July 17, 2012. [pdf]

T.S. Fisher, S.L. Hodson, B.A. Cola, T. Bhuvana, and G. Kulkarni. Palladium Thiolate Bonding of Carbon Nanotubes. U.S. Patent 8,541,058, issued September 24, 2013. [pdf]

B.A. Cola and T.S. Fisher. Methods for Attaching Carbon Nanotubes to a Carbon Substrate. U.S. Patent 8,919,428,  issued December 30, 2014. [pdf]


Representative publications:

A. Sharma, V. Singh, T.L. Bougher, and B.A. Cola. A Carbon Nanotube Optical Rectenna. Nature Nanotechnology, online. [link]

M.K. Smith, V. Singh, K. Kalaitizdou, and B.A. Cola. Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanotube Array Surfaces with Tunable Wetting and Contact Thermal Energy Transport. ACS Nano, 9(2):1080-1088, 2015. [pdf]

P.F. Salazar, S.T. Stephens, A.H. Kazim, J.M. Pringle, and B.A. Cola. Enhanced Thermo-electrochemical Power using Carbon Nanotube Additives in Ionic Liquid Redox Electrolytes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2(48):20676-20682, 2014. [pdf]

V. Singh, T.L. Bougher, A. Weathers, Y. Cai, K. Bi, M.T. Pettes, S.A. McMenamin, W. Lv, D.P. Resler, T.R. Gattuso, D.H. Altman, K.H. Sandhage, L. Shi, A. Henry, and B.A. Cola. High Thermal Conductivity of Chain-Oriented Amorphous Polythiophene. Nature Nanotechnology, 9:384-390, 2014. [link]

J.H. Taphouse, O.L. Smith, S.R. Marder, and B.A. Cola. A Pyrenylpropyl Phosphonic Acid Surface Modifier for Mitigating the Thermal Resistance of Carbon Nanotube Contacts. Advanced Functional Materials, 24:465-471, 2014. [pdf]

P.P.S.S. Adabi, S. Hutchens, J.R. Greer, B.A. Cola and S. Graham. Effects of Morphology on the Micro-compression Response of Carbon Nanotube Forests. Nanoscale, 4:3373-3380, 2012.

H.T. Santoso, V. Singh, K. Kalaitizdou, and B.A. Cola. Enhanced Molecular Order in Polythiophene Films Electropolymerized in a Mixed Electrolyte of Anionic Surfactants and Boron Trifluoride Diethyl Etherate. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4(3):1697-1703, 2012.

R. Hu, B.A. Cola, N. Haram, J.N. Barisci, S. Lee, S. Stoughton, G. Wallace, C. Too, M. Thomas, A. Gestos, M.E. dela Cruz, J.P. Ferraris, A. Zakhidov, and R.H. Baughman. Harvesting Waste Thermal Energy Using a Carbon-Nanotube-Based Thermo-Electrochemical Cell. Nano Letters, 10:838-846, 2010.

B.A. Cola, J. Xu, and T.S. Fisher. Contact Mechanics and Thermal Conductance of Carbon Nanotube Array Thermal Interfaces.International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 52:3490-3503, 2009.

B.A. Cola, J. Xu, C. Cheng, H. Hu, X. Xu, and T.S. Fisher. Photoacoustic Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Array Thermal Interfaces. Journal of Applied Physics, 101:054313, 2007.