Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RPM) is an emerging collection of materials and process technologies, design and processing methodologies, and business practices and relationships, which together shorten product development cycles. RPM is also often associated with additive fabrication processes, such as stereolithography or selective laser sintering, and includes many other prototyping technologies, as well as such conventional processes as CNC machining, and a host of computer-based design, engineering, and analysis tools.

Major equipment available in the RPMI Laboratory are:


Model Number


Stereolithography Apparatus


3D Systems, Inc.

Post Curing Apparatus


3D Systems, Inc.

Coordinate Measuring Machine


Brown & Sharp

Laser Radar Scanner


Digital Ptronics

Uninterruptable Power Supply

MTRIX 3000

APC Corporation

Fume Hood



CAD Work Station


Silicon Graphics

CAD Work Station


Silicon Graphics

CAD Work Station


Sun Micro Systems

Additionally, the RPMI Laboratory has six IBM-compatible PCs and computer peripherals, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, SolidView, and Maestro/Vista Computer Aided Design packages for use in rapid prototyping and tooling associated processes. Other accessible facilities include a foundry with gas and induction furnaces, and a machine shop with several lathes, vertical and horizontal mills, drills, sheet metal and welding machines, EDMs, lapping, honing equiment, and heat treatment furnace.

Current application(s) of RPMI involve, Rapid Tooling, CAD data improvement, materials development (metals, polymers, polymer composites, ceramics) , casting surface finish improvement, CNC RP methods, Build parameter optimization, real-time Control, error correction, RP Systems accuracy and tolerance betterment.

For more information, please contact
Thomas Graver-404.894.5676, tom.graver@marc.gatech.edu
Reginald Ponder-404.894.7688, reginald.ponder@marc.gatech.edu
David Rosen-404.894.9668, david.rosen@me.gatech.edu