Lab Safety Policy

ALL PERSONNEL working in an MSE laboratory MUST be trained and certified in laboratory safety AT LEAST ONCE PER YEAR.

Training and certification is obtained by:

  • Attending a Safety Seminar.
  • Passing the Safety Exam based on the Safety Seminar.
  • Complete “Right to Know” (RTK) training (mandated by State Law) See - USG RTK Page .

Please Note:

  • The above requirements need to be completed ONCE EVERY calendar year you are working in an MSE lab.
  • The Safety Exam can be taken online.
  • The Safety Seminar is offered by MSE at the beginning of both fall and spring terms (you should receive an email announcing each offering). Additionally Seminars are offered throughout the year by the office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). See TrainsWeb for course offerings (search for "Lab Safety 101")
  • When you complete the RTK training, print out a certificate of completion and place it in Bill Miller's mailbox in the Love Bldg.
  • Students are not authorized to work in MSE laboratories until they have passed the Safety Exam within the previous 12 months.
  • Frank Moss can assist you with any questions or problems. His office is located in room 271 in the J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building.

Additional Information & Downloads

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