Chemical Vapor Deposition Capabilities At GTRI

Extensive equipment and capabilities and expertise exists for the deposition of ceramic, metallic, and diamond coatings by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Coatings are used to provide protection from wear, erosion, corrosion, and oxidation, as well as for the fabrication of electronic and optical devices. Superconducting coatings are applied by CVD to make superconducting wire, cavities, and other devices. Diamond coatings are applied using a microwave plasma CVD system.

Extensive experience exists in the coating of fibers and cloth, for which a continuous coater is available. In this case, the coating is used for the purpose of tailoring the fiber-matrix interface and/or for providing oxidation protection. Deposition of thick (~5 ┬Ám) coatings on fiber substrates permits growth of new types of fiber tows for use as reinforcements in ceramic or metal matrix composites. The CVD technique is also applied for growing whiskers (small fibers).

Equipment and expertise also exist for chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) for fabrication of ceramic- and metal-matrix composites. Thermodynamic, kinetic, and mass transport modeling are used extensively in both our CVD and CVI projects.

{Contact: Dr. Jack Lackey, ME, Tel: 894-0573}