Research Overview

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) has a research portfolio that focuses on all classes and forms of materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers, fibers, textiles, composites, nanostructures, and bio-enabled/biomimetic materials. As illustrated in the figure below, the process-structure-property-performance paradigm is the core that integrates the various research activities that are aimed at addressing a multitude of functionalities from structural load-bearing applications to energy storage and harvesting; and electronic, photonic, and opto-electronic devices to drug delivery and biomedical implants.

As a world leader in educating the next generation of materials scientists and engineers, MSE faculty continue to define the future of our discipline through research innovations focused on envisioning, predicting, designing, and developing materials, aided by the principles of the Materials Genome Initiative, for meeting societal grand challenges in energy, environment, health and human welfare, infrastructure, security, and transportation.

To learn more about the specific research areas of faculty in various materials forms, click on the material in 2nd ring from inside, and for research aimed at specific societal challenge click on any term in outermost ring.