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Originating as two separate schools – Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering and the earlier Materials Science and Engineering – the new School of Materials Science and Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation and education since the day the Textile department first opened its doors almost 120 years ago.  As a result of the merger between MSE and PTFE, we now have 55 thesis sponsoring faculty and are the largest materials department in the country. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are routinely ranked among the nation’s leading programs by U.S. News and World Report.


Ongoing research in the School has resulted in the creation of the world’s lightest, yet strongest armor capable of being shaped to not only better ensure the protection of our nation’s troops and police, but to create bomb-proof passenger planes; fibers capable of on-demand ballistics protection; drug delivery vehicles capable of targeting cancerous cells, thus eliminating negative effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss and nausea; shape memory polymers for use in joint repair;  tissue expanders for use in cleft palate repair; fuel cell innovation and energy storage devices capable of creating and storing sustainable energy;  and the creation of electricity as a result of the mechanical energy produced by our bodies during normal day-to-day activities.  In addition to fundamental research, emerging technologies are routinely being explored in terms of patents and new product development.  Numerous industries have been founded based on research originating in MSE and are currently contributing to Georgia economic recovery.

Commercialization is the offshoot of innovation and one of the goals of MSE is to help revitalize Georgia’s, and America’s, economy by helping it to become a major manufacturing site once again.  Taking the innovative technology coming out of the School and bringing it to market is crucial to recreating our manufacturing base.  With continued research and the development of new technologies, we will ensure we remain on the forefront of both innovation and manufacturing. 

Cutting edge research is just half of what we do here in MSE.  Even more important is the education of future generations of engineers capable of creating the technology of the future.  Our faculty have been recognized by MSE students as amongst the best educators on campus.  We strive to teach our students not only the technical aspects of engineering and innovation but to look at the world with an eye of of improving the society in which we live.

Maintaining our position at the forefront of education and technological innovation does, however, come at a price.  Operational and endowed funds are necessary to continue to provide our students with the best, most innovative education and to continue the research crucial to the betterment of our lives.   Chaired positions and professorships are needed to attract and retain top tier faculty, scholarships and fellowships are necessary to ensure students of the highest caliber have the funds to attend, and both operational and endowed funds are necessary to support ongoing research. 


There are many ways in which you can make a gift to the Georgia Tech Foundation in support of the School of Materials Science and Engineering.  To learn more, contact:

Naresh Thadhani

Alyssa Barnes

Your contribution will help to ensure a better future for our children and our planet.