Dr. Beckham’s expertise includes polymers and textiles, organic and physical chemistry, fiber science, coloration, plastic degradation and stabilization, and material characterization. He is experienced in material design and development, patent analysis, testing of materials and test method development, material selection and formulation, and failure analysis.

He has applied his expertise and experience to a broad range of issues related to plastics, adhesives, membranes, paints and coatings, stains and finishes, tires, porous polymers, foams, carpets, fabrics, fibers, nonwovens, cardboard, diapers and other absorbent materials, hydrogels, nanomaterials, food emulsions, food packaging, caulking and sealants, roofing materials, insulation, siding and other building components


Ph.D., 1991, Polymer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., 1986, Textile Chemistry, Auburn University

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