MSE Scores Big at Capstone Design Expo

With 110 teams competing in the Spring 2016 Capstone Design Expo, the overall winner, Hub Hygiene, was composed of an interdisciplinary team of Mary Catherine Adams, MSE, Timothy Gassner, BME, Pranav Godbole, ME, You Keun Kim, BME, Bharathwaj Nanadagopal, BME, and Ruifu Shi, BME. Their project, sponsored by the Georgia Tech Research Institute, was a device that cleans a needle less IV connector to reduce bloodstream infection rates. 

The winning MSE team, Team ReCap: Zirconia recycling, consisted of Henry Liu, Anna Thomas, Nick Kane, Tony Shu, Justin Wang, Hayley Zhang. Sponsored by 3M, they identified a method of reducing the waste of zirconia raw material in the manufacturing of zirconia dental crowns. Photo bottom left.

Taking the top spot in the Interdisciplinary teams was Team Infinitis including Taylor Armstead and Emilie Kundycki from MSE, along with team members Emily Davis, ME, Soleil Schatteman, ME, Shirin Kale, BME, and John Papayanopoulos, ME. Their team designed a more appealing intrauterine device designed to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies in the United States. Emile Kundycki, and Taylor Armstead photo bottom right.