Climate Change Minor

The Climate Change minor is for students in majors outside of EAS who have an interest in understanding Climate Change and issues surrounding it.  In selecting courses, remember that 15 credit hours are needed, and a total of 9 credit hours MUST be 3000 level or above.

Required Courses:

EAS 2750 Physics of the Weather (3-0-3) Fall

EAS 4410 Climate and Global Change (3-0-3) Fall

Choose at least 3 credit hours: 

EAS 4110 Energy Resources and the Environment (3-0-3) Fall

EAS 4350 Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography (3-0-3) Spring

EAS 3620 Geochemistry (3-1-4) Fall

EAS 4740 Atmospheric Chemistry (3-0-3) Spring

Choose at least 3 credit hours: 

ECON 2101 Global Economy (3-0-3)

ECON 4440 Economics of the Environment (3-0-3)

PUBP 3315 Environmental Policy and Politics (3-0-3)